These Birds Shouldn’t Be Alive PART 2

Hyde Park area who reported seeing dead parakeets in the snow one person wrote and said he saw a group of three parakeets this had been frozen off because of the snow and he didn’t know what the peas died because they could fly but they couldn’t land anywhere because they’d lost their feet so we know that that absolutely happened a lot of birds died a couple of winters ago really severe severe winter we don’t know whether that’s the general cause of population another expert we contacted told us the monk parakeets were all gone there were no birds left to find whatever had caused their decline had already wiped out the entire population it’d be a real shame if they were all gone and I only got to see them that once because I don’t think I really understood how special it was to see them in the first place because think of all the things that had to happen to bring those parakeets within my field of vision someone had to capture them in South America and shipped them all the way to the United States then those birds had to somehow escape either by accident or on purpose then the population had to survive 30 winters and that depended on traits and behaviors developed over millions of years in a completely different environment traits that just happened to benefit them here in Chicago but this happens all the time with evolution traits and characteristics become useful in new and accidental ways the history of life on this planet is nothing more than a combination of unintentional events that come together to produce a surprising and sometimes beneficial outcome but we hardly ever notice it because the accident appears seamless if the monk parakeets hadn’t been so exotic looking if their green coloration hadn’t been so stark against the grey Chicago winter I would never have seen them in the first place I guess coming to this sells like maybe we’re not gonna see many birds but now I really want to see one click now that we’re down here like I’m really like oh man I want to see a parakeet in the Clark is a bird or multiple birds making this sort of chirping sound like playing the call a little earlier and it does sound like that it’s somewhere up there so you think you saw it I saw the bird making them join just make that noise it’s hard to tell what color it was okay there right there wait oh yeah went up into that tree yeah oh man I think they know we’re filming him run Matt run we didn’t get a clear shot of the birds but we definitely saw them it was a flock of three to four monk parakeets and it looked just like this and they sounded just like birds eat here in a pet shop it was a relief to know that they weren’t gone but you could still find monk parakeets in Chicago because if they were gone it would be our fault the parakeets died out after all they had been through after all we’d put them through it would make their 35-year presence here merely a long reprieve from a certain death they would have died for no better reason than we thought they would make good pets but the monk parakeets have proven to be more than what we make of them despite the fact that many aspiring parakeet owners found the birds too hard to live with monk parakeets have adapted surprisingly well to living with us and through all the happenstance that brought the monk parakeets to Chicago and allowed them to flourish that might be the most fortunate accident of all so what do you think should we still feel responsible for the monk parakeets since we brought them here I mean after all they’re technically an invasive species so maybe we should let them die off let us know in the comments or you can go over to our Twitter at good stuff show and respond there if you liked this video consider clicking the thumbs up button if you didn’t like this video just don’t you let me do anything lemon earring if you want to help keep the show going please consider going to our patreon page and of course subscribe if you want to see more now to respond to some of your comments from last video about the history of American beer Paul crystal pointed out that in the chart of new beer breweries there was a plateau of brewery growth in the u.s. from 1997 to 2007 actually if you look closely at the chart it wasn’t a plateau it was actually decreasing a little bit until 2007 when you see a huge spike into today we asked ray Daniels about this and he said that there was simply a lot of bad beer out there craft beer was still relatively new and the demand was so high that there was a huge influx of breweries in the 90s some of it was good but a lot of it was bad and consumers were disappointed the result was a collapse of craft brewery growth and a huge influx of imported beers during that period many craft brewers left but those that stayed focused on making good beer and they learned how to participate in business in a long-term way by partnering with distributors and retailers hopefully they got it right and craft beer is here to stay until I drink all of it quiet alien talks about why it’s a shame that big beer companies are buying up small craft breweries and some are just putting up here that seems like craft brew even though it’s not like Blue Moon for instance which is owned and made by Coors and in my opinion it’s not really that good you can get better Belgian style beer not where his comment was long but it’s too long didn’t read at the bottom was everything is terrible and beer must be saved yes it is unfortunate that big companies are buying up small breweries but it does seem like small breweries are still cropping up everywhere and I’m optimistic that I’m going to still be able to shove delicious delicious beer in my face perhaps it is up to us beer drinkers to do a little research and find out where our beer comes from that can actually be part of the fun one in pheromone Bastardo points out that after working a long hot day in the summer time there’s nothing better than a cold close to water beer you know I agree with you I’ll still drink up store Miller every now and then though I will say there are plenty of pilsners and loggers out there that are the similar style that I like better that have more flavor and then again in that situation it might not matter at all also better make sure those beers are very cold or they’ll taste like that is all drink responsibly or not at all if you’re not of age and stay in school don’t do drugs thanks for watching and see you next time

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