(Marvel) Tony Stark – I Shouldn’t Be Alive episode 2

nothing’s been the same since New York hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space I can’t sleep so may I remind you that you’ve been awake but isn’t 72 hours you go to bed I come down here I do what I know [Music] I’m different now you know who I am and my suits they’re there pardon me threat is imminent you know that I would help you with anything but I cannot help you if you’re gonna start all of this again there is nothing except this there’s no politics here it’s just good old-fashioned revenge there’s the next mission and nothing else you’re gonna kill yourself Tony maybe he’s everything a joke to you funny things you have no idea what you’re dealing with Shakespeare in the Park I’m gonna miss these little talks of us besides this one there’s nothing that can’t be explained Tony Stark I’m dr. Stephen strange I need you to come with me fate of the universe is at stake Stannis he’s a play Tony he invades planets he takes what he wants he wipes out half the population so I say we take the fight to him you know me I do you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge I only curse is you [Music] yeah moves bekstaarr I hope they remember you spare his life but I will give you the stone so my journey had reached its end always dies is this the last act of defiance of the great Tony stop or are you going to do something machine me live I’m a service where is your mechanic right all right why don’t you just build something we can’t protect the air if you could be damn well sure we’ll avenge it whatever it takes

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