“I Shouldnt Be Alive”-Hike into Hell Canyon – Part 4

it was in a positive mood that day because I was feeling bound and determined that I was going to get out the realization hit me that I wasn’t going to just lie down and give up my will to live was greater [Music] but after two whole days of wandering she’s still trapped on the floor of the valley unable to see above the sheer rock faces I thought that if I could climb up higher the rocks that I could get a better view and perhaps see where I needed to go climbing the rocks is dangerous but it’s her only chance of being able to see a possible way out I risk falling and breaking an ankle or something like that I didn’t realize how weak I was because of the lack of food my coordination wasn’t as good as it normally would have been I was looking for handholds and footholds plus I had this purse hanging off me with the water bottle in it so I was trying to be careful of that too in an instant Linda’s vital water supply is gone now she has nothing to sustain her in the searing heat of the Grand Canyon I was quite upset with myself and then thinking that well now what do you have you’re away from your water source and now you’ve dropped the only bottle of water that you had and kind of back to square one again even though I had lost the bottle of water I was still determined to get up to the top of this wall so that I could get a better view but when Linda finally reaches the top of the plateau [Music] she realizes her efforts have been in vain I couldn’t get much better view that I really had when I was on the canyon floor the area is just vast just all these little side canyons really nothing suggesting any kind of civilization and just numerous rock formations got any kind of landmarks that you could pick out but for the first time in days Linda discovers she is not alone in the canyon seeing those wild horses I thought well if there’s animals down here where are they getting there at water the other hopeful thing was that if there’s horses that maybe there would be men that we’re hurting them or whatever in the barren landscape this sign of life gives Linda renewed faith I mean you start thinking strangely perhaps I could even get a hold of one and ride it on out of the canyon but I realized that was probably very unrealistic because you could only get so close to them and then they would run off so I couldn’t get probably within maybe 50 feet of them if even that you you I noticed pools of water and I remember looking at it and think little insects or whatever swimming around in and I thought well I don’t really have any other choice accepted to drink it because I see anyway I’m gonna survive the water was kind of bitter but it was wet I knew it would get me through another day as night falls linda drifts in and out of consciousness and is haunted by nightmares and fear I had started having dreams of if animals coming and eating out my eyes now seriously malnourished Linda is starting to fantasize about an end to her hunger they began thinking about food quite a bit and so I was kind of just sit there on a rock you know and and think about dinner menus writing those out in my journal [Music] spirits potatoes are Groton toss salad yeah cauliflower with hollandaise sauce they’re kind of vicariously I was eating through Mike my menus that I would write [Music] I was sitting there resting and I decided that I was gonna brush my hair for what purpose I wasn’t sure almost three weeks after she got lost Linda finally hears the sound she’s been yearning for I can hear the the wings going around and and I knew it was close back in Pittsburgh Linda’s family finally realizes that she’s missing and prompted by the postcard she sent them an aerial search of the canyon is launched it seems her ordeal is finally over [Music] [Music] but Linda is impossible to see from the air it was devastating that they didn’t see me but I could figure out why Linda realizes that if she can’t be seen in the vast canyon from the air the chances are she’ll never be found [Music] against the odds Linda’s qivana has survived alone in the Grand Canyon for an incredible three weeks rescue helicopters have searched for her but in the vast monotonous terrain she’s totally invisible [Music] [Music] mentally and physically exhausted and dangerously dehydrated Linda finally gives up all hope of ever getting out alive [Music] now death is her only way out my priority was to find a place where I could just fall asleep and then hopefully die in my sleep I thought this is probably gonna be it I remember lying down and thinking if I could maybe just die in my sleep that would be the most peaceful way to go I thought you know if I don’t make it out of here my parents will never really know what happened my mother had lost a brother her baby brother and you know here’s a woman that had gone through a lot of trauma in her younger years and to me that was that was kind of devastating to think that they would be going through that after nineteen days battling to stay alive Linda finally gives up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I heard voices and it was almost like is that figment of my imagination are or is it for real [Music] for Native Americans from the local village had noticed footprints in an area where tourists don’t venture and using traditional tracking methods have managed to locate Linda in the vast Canyon [Music] you could tell by the looks on their faces that they were kind of amazed to find me alive it was just joyous and waiting for her in the nearby Indian village her brother and sister-in-law she looked wonderful and she looked horrible she was skeletal looking and she was the color of bricks from the Kenyan soil it was just very emotional it was the best feeling in the world the three of us just grabbed each other and put our heads together and just hold really you know the tears just flowed but then for Linda the best surprise of all the locals have also found Coco jinda wandering lost amid the canyon that was a happy reunion to you know it is very happy [Music] there was a lot of things that I didn’t do correctly a lot of things and I to this day can’t figure out why with all the the big mistakes that I made you know how I was able to survive despite her ordeal Linda made a full recovery and went on to get married and raise a family I just didn’t think of my time my time to go [Music] that stayed with me and the just the persistence and the the will the strong will to survive

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