“I Shouldnt Be Alive”-Hike into Hell Canyon – Part 3

 I think it was on that second night a little harder than the first night because by that time I realized that there was something terribly wrong I don’t think that I was as helpful in regards to finding my way out I think I was leaning more towards the fact that maybe someone was gonna have to find me [Music] [Music] day three I knew was Monday and I said well you know I survived a weekend down here but I still knew I had to find water every year around four people die of dehydration in the canyon in this heat Linda will be lucky to survive another day without water [Music] my nose and my mouth then my skin was just very very dry linda is desperate to find a water source but in the dry and arid Grand Canyon they are few and far between but late on the third day she sees her first glimpse of hope in front of me I could see that it was dripping [Music] it was almost like is it real I wasn’t certain if it was truly there so I walked up all the way and sure enough it was moist and the dogs started laughing up water [Music] Linda has found a lifeline a tiny desert spring I looked up to see where the water was coming from and it was like 15 feet above my head just coming out of rocks but the water is trickling down agonizingly slow leak I was been thinking well how am I gonna be able to gather up this water and so I looked through my purse I did have this little plastic eyeglass case it was one of the few items that was in my purse that was Veni worth to me I thought well if I’d get that set up in between the small rocks then after a period of time I would be able to collect enough to get a cup that I could actually drink [Music] it probably took an hour so to maybe get like a cup of water [Music] when your mouth is just so dry and you can barely talk and then to have the moisture at the water and just knowing that that was gonna possibly save my life just sheer joy [Music] [Music] Linda’s cavana and her dog Coco gin are helplessly lost in the vast Grand Canyon her leisurely hike has turned into a hellish ordeal she’s been exposed to extreme heat and biting cold and she’s weakening fast [Music] finding the tiny water supply has given Linda hope but the next day she looks in her diary and makes a devastating discovery I was due back on the 13th of August so I knew I had at least another ten days week and a half before anyone would actually realize that I was missing in her last postcard home Linda told her family she was well and having a great time no one knows she’s missing if she is to have any chance of survival the independent spirit that brought her here alone is going to have to get her out [Music] now able to collect a few mouthfuls of water Linda decides to hike away from the spring in search of a trail out of the canyon my new plan was to drink as much water as I could before I would set off that day so I would be hydrated and then follow a trail and see where it would possibly lead to as long as I can retrace my steps and get back to my water supply because I knew that that was paramount for five days Linda searches north south east and west of her base but each day ends in crushing disappointment [Music] I feel up in the morning with big plans to follow a trail and hope that that would leave me out they only to be devastated that it didn’t lead anywhere and I wasn’t gonna get out that day Linda is trapped in the endless maze of the canyon and she starts to believe she will never escape I was just totally depressed throughout the ordeal only her mental strength has kept her going she has survived 12 days without food and very little water and now her body is beginning to wither away it’s not like The Hunger you go through like if you’ve missed a meal or a couple meals will you get that gnawing sensation in your stomach that had come and gone having used up all of the fat reserves her body is now eating itself away I knew that I was losing weight just the way that my clothes were hanging on me and I had a belt that I would have to adjust every couple of days that my pants would stay up so I knew that the lack of food was was taking a toll on my body without food her meager water supply and the companionship of Coco gin are the only things keeping her alive but when Coco knocks over two hours worth of carefully collected water it’s too much for Linda to bear I was annoyed and I hollered at him and he knew I was angry with him frightened by her outburst Coco disappears into the canyon [Music] I kind of felt guilty I had hollered at him and and almost as if I had had driven him away I have this devastated my 1ld compared near that I had down there I was completely alone after 11 freezing nights out in the wilderness a violent storm blows into the canyon it was one of the toughest nights there was thunder and lightning and a lot of rain and it was very frightening down there because I didn’t have any shelter I was out in the open it was definitely cold and definitely that was a concern the hypothermia alone miles from civilization Linda knows she must find the mental strength to survive I started to think of ways to occupy my mind and I said a rosary and then I started to sing songs just something to keep me occupied to get me through that night Linda has been making daily hikes away from her base to try to find a way out of the canyon but she can only venture an hour from her water supply before thirst drives her back [Music] I was trying to go under some of the rock hangings in order to keep cool it was underneath one of those rock haze that I noticed the bottle the bottle is a glimmer of hope this was something portable that I could carry water and and and go out and hike even further away from my main water source Linda knows that finding the bottle might just save her life if she can fill it with water she can travel further than ever before and maybe find a way out of her ordeal it was a process of ours to you know get the plastic eyeglass case filled with water and transferred into the vodka bottle [Music] for the first time in 13 days Linda sees a chance of escape with the bottle full of water Linda leaves the camp with no intention of returning this time she plans to just keep on going as far as she can [Music]

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