“I Shouldnt Be Alive”-Hike into Hell Canyon part 2

Linda’s backpack weighs over 20 pounds and is slowing her down I know I could make better time without it because it’s beginning to feel very heavy on my back ditching the backpack will mean leaving behind her sleeping bag food and only supply of water I would have nothing except you know the clothes that I had on my back and a few items that I had in my purse with no experience of being out in the wild Linda makes a terrible decision I thought I could always come back for it the following morning my priority at that point in time was just to make it to the Indian Reservation make it somewhere safe before dark [Music] but as night falls Linda and Coco are just tiny specks in the fast canyon floor [Music] yeah I was totally alarmed what’s getting dark and not being where I needed to be that was my realization that I wasn’t on the right trail and with the light fading Linda has no chance of retracing her steps to the backpack start thinking about the worst sort of things that can happen and just kind of overcome by fear [Music] twenty-five-year-old Linda’s Cavanaugh’s dream vacation is becoming a nightmare one wrong turn in the Grand Canyon has left her lost in the middle of the vast wilderness and night has fallen the first night was devastating it was very very scary you just can’t see you know other than the stars that are out there’s no artificial lighting of any kind as the temperature on the canyon floor plummets Linda is totally unprotected against the cold in my backpack I had my sleeping bag and I had all my food supply and my water in the pitch black of night it’s impossible for Linda to find her backpack so without that I really had nothing to protect me from the elements nothing to sustain me her only source of comfort is her best friend her pet dog Coco gin kokujin just stayed by me I was thankful to have him because we could kind of walk with one another and know he would offer some warmth I cried off and on I think the entire night just out of fear and not knowing what was going to happen to me [Music] the next morning when the Sun came up because I had wandered around I wasn’t really sure where I was I wasn’t oriented during the night Linda wandered off the trail and has now lost her bearings in the maze of the Grand Canyon Valley she’s completely stranded in two thousand square miles of barren wilderness [Music] [Music] Linda has no option but to keep looking for a trail that will lead her to her backpack and out of the canyon to safety but nothing looks familiar as I would follow trails they would just leave nowhere it’s very difficult to see any kind of distance because there’s all these little side canyons and walls and you’re like a rat in a maze [Music] I kept hoping but I would see someone which I never did or that I would see a a low-flying plane but nothing but after hours of walking all she can see is the relentless monotony of the canyon wilderness I did a lot of hollering and screaming just hoping that someone would hear especially you know in those canyons because noise can carry [Music] [Music] by mid-afternoon the temperature in the canyon rises to over a hundred degrees and neither Linda nor Coco have had a drop to drink in nearly 24 hours I remember getting very very hot I was thirsty and I had nothing to eat or drink my mouth was just terribly terribly dry in these conditions human beings require around two gallons of water a day my nurses training told me that I needed to have water that there was no way I was gonna be able to survive but that why I knew I could live without food but the water was gonna be essential because it’s so hot during the day down there and I guess real fear set in at that point [Music] if I have been completely alone without the dog I think I would have thought apart I would talk to him I’m sorry got you into this Coco but we’ll find our way out you know trying to keep positive [Music] but by early evening Linda realizes she and Coco Jin are still completely lost within the vast wilderness [Music] I knew I was gonna be down there another night [Music]

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