Best Episode of “I Shouldnt Be Alive”-Hike into Hell Canyon

when 25 year old Linda’s qivana gets lost in the Grand Canyon her dream vacation turns into a living nightmare I was starting to panic and I wasn’t thinking well clearly it was very very scary for over 20 days she must battle hunger dehydration and the extremes of the mighty Grand Canyon in a desperate bid to stay alive I remember thinking if I could maybe just die in my sleep that would be the most peaceful way to go [Music] [Music] twenty-five-year-old Linda’s qivana is preparing to set off on an epic solo driving trip [Music] I had three weeks vacation from work it was definitely an escape just a time to to get away from the stresses of everyday life a student nurse from Pittsburgh Linda is heading off across the length of America a trip that she hopes will satisfy her sense of adventure just kind of a rebel at times my own idea about things you know when you’re young in twenty five the world doesn’t seem so dangerous I just wanted to see America [Music] my plan was to drive six to eight hours a day and then find a campground pitch tent and sleep and then sit out earlier the next morning [Music] and to keep her company on the trip she’s brought her best friend pet dog Coco gin was the first pet that I had ever had as a puppy we were very very attached definitely my child my baby [Music] Linda spends 2 weeks traveling over 2,000 miles across the country but before she heads home she wants to make the trip extra-special with a final hike into the mighty Grand Canyon [Music] it was one of the places that I wanted to visit because it’s one of the natural wonders of the world the Grand Canyon is known as an epic tourist destination but it’s also a popular place for hiking [Music] before she heads off into the canyon Linda stops at a local store to buy postcards and let her family know that she’s fine on one of the postcards I saw a set of waterfalls and I thought oh you know I’d like to see those but I wasn’t sure where you leave and what kind of a hike it was you know if there are any organized tours to the waterfalls no organized tours as such if you drive up to the hilltop campsite you can make your way down to the soup pie village and the Falls are right down there okay Thanks so I my postcards up and I recall all sending one off to my brother and sister-in-law to get to the waterfalls Linda and Coco gin must first drive to a staging post at the beginning of the hike I didn’t know that it would take me as long as it did because it was I think maybe about thirty five miles but it was all dirt roads so it took me a couple of hours to get through that and to finally get to the hilltop by the time they get there it’s already lunchtime it’s late in the day to be starting a hike but undeterred Linda heads off into the valley [Music] yes I wasn’t overwhelmed by the the size and the enormity of it it made me feel small it’s eight miles to the waterfalls near the Supai Indian village where Linda plans to spend the night then head back to her car in the morning but as the afternoon draws on the trail appears endless as I kept walking I noticed that the Sun was starting to go down with the light beginning to fade Linda knows she has to get to the Indian village before nightfall and as she reaches the end of the trail there was a sign you make your way down to the super high village and the Falls are right down but the sign was not well marked I didn’t know whether or not to make a right or left one-way leads toward the waterfalls and the safety of the Indian village the other out into the vast wilderness of the Grand Canyon [Music] for some reason I made a right-hand turn thinking she’s heading toward the village Linda and Coco head off but after yet another hour of walking there’s still no sign of life at that point I was beginning to feel that I should probably be close by with night approaching Linda knows it’s too late to go back to the junction and try the left-hand turn she has no option but to keep going if she doesn’t make it to the Indian village before dark she’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere in the canyons nighttime comes very quickly because of the the walls it would be pitch-black down there and no wouldn’t be able to see as I kept hiking and the Sun was going down that became a major concern.

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